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Taishan Institute of Science and Technology 2023 online course production and operation service demand bidding announcement

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In accordance with the relevant laws of government procurement and bidding of the People's Republic of China, Taishan Institute of Science and Technology is inviting qualified bidders to participate in the public tender for 2023 online course production and operation services。

I. Project Overview:

(I) Project Number: TSKY-10-06

(II) Project name: Service requirements for online course production and operation in 2023

(3) Bidding contents:

I. Project overview

This project is to accelerate the construction of digital teaching resources in schools,Promote the deep integration of information technology and classroom teaching,Create a batch of high-quality "golden lessons" and realize the teaching application,Promote the reform and innovation of talent training model,It is planned to build 2 online courses (Mechanics of Materials and Principle of Automatic Control),Including course development and design, video shooting and production, teaching operation design, application and promotion design, quality feedback。It is equipped with a course construction and production consulting team, including course director, course consultant (director), video engineer, etc。Build a team according to the shared curriculum and school requirements。Including video shooting, post editing, platform service operation。The teaching videos are recorded according to the teaching unit, each video is designed for 1-2 knowledge points, each video clip is 5-15 minutes, and the total duration of the course is about 500 minutes。

Ii. Project construction requirements

The courses constructed by this project must meet the requirements and accreditation standards for the construction of national high-quality open online courses (Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Application and Management of Online Open Courses Construction in colleges and Universities, Requirements for the Guiding Construction of Online Open Courses in Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province, and Accreditation Guidelines for high-quality online open courses in colleges and Universities in Shandong Province).。Strictly in accordance with the internationally accepted online open course shooting standards and processes,To ensure the quality of the course production,Production tasks include pre-planning, mid-stage shooting, post-production (editing, modification, special effects, packaging, animation production, recording synthesis, necessary subtitles, etc.), course publicity video and opening and ending production (school LOGO, course name, lecturer information, etc.),Until approved by the lecturer (about 100 animations and cases are expected for each course)。According to the requirements of the course video format conversion, parameter setting and CD packaging, and provide independent property rights of the course platform for teaching operation。Specific construction requirements are as follows:

1. Professional instructional designers with master degree or above in educational technology, school teaching teacher qualification certificate and lecturer title or aboveProviding course teaching design requires rich experience, providing technical advice for the top-level design of the course, the splitting of course knowledge points, the organization and arrangement of course content, the design and development of course teaching videos, and the online operation and sharing of courses。

2, according to the shooting plan, according to different scenes, requirements of the preliminary preparation, special shooting needs the cooperation of teachers, and teachers to determine the preparation materials。According to shooting technical standards and course content, I designed shooting forms that fit the teaching characteristics of teachers, communicated with teachers to explain shooting requirements, and assisted in providing dress advice。The teaching video is recorded in units according to the course framework. The video environment is well-lit and quiet. The teacher is dressed appropriately and needs to make up briefly before shooting to maintain the best mental state。

3, the video equipment uses professional high-definition digital equipment to ensure that the equipment can normally complete the shooting task。The camera resolution is not less than 4096×2160, the recording video aspect ratio is 16:9, and the video frame rate is 25 frames/second。Use 2 professional clip collection equipment to ensure the recording quality of teachers and students' speeches。2 pairs of monitoring headphones。The use of professional storage equipment and effective capacity should ensure the normal completion of shooting tasks。

4, the use of professional non-linear editing system for the source video for the most basic processing, such as image matting, color correction, dual channel processing。Use professional video editing system for video noise reduction and audio noise reduction。

5, according to the shooting plan, different shooting methods adopt different production methods。Professional post-synthesis software was used to design the title, and graphic design + post-synthesis +3D rendering was used to design the associated content elements according to the content of each subject. The title should not exceed 10 seconds, including the college LOGO, course name, lecture time, lecturer name, professional and technical position, unit and other information。For course content editing technical engineers watch the whole video, and according to the chapter framework and the scene recording situation, clip the teacher's poor state, slip of the tongue, exit, pause, etc。The practical operation part adds the necessary background music to ensure that the production of the film without mistakes, no hard damage, beautiful picture, standard layout, logic integrity。Use professional post-production software to make the end of the film: according to the copyright ownership of the institute, make the relevant list of the end of the film, including copyright units, production units, recording time and other information。Use a professional non-linear editing system to render the film: After all the content is edited, the film is generated and the finished product is in high-definition format。Video production reflects the characteristics of visual thinking, reasonable use of various multimedia materials and forms of expression, the use of animation and a variety of special effects to present teaching content, so as to make the whole video image vivid, suitable for broadcast on the network。

6. After the completion of the course, it is necessary to provide an online course operation platform with independent property rights to support the course operation. The course platform includes the following technical requirements:

(1) Support the entire course creation, content sharing, learning process tracking and control, online testing and assignment publishing, communication and interaction, grade evaluation and learning outcome feedback teaching process, and realize the deep integration of information technology and teaching process。

(2) The system design can meet the requirements of large-scale users, support distributed deployment, and meet the performance requirements of 10,000 online learning。

(3) There is no limit to the number of registered courses and registered users, and the online courses can be backed up according to the import and export of courses。

(4) The platform supports a variety of network teaching modes, such as assisted teaching, flipped classroom, pure network teaching, and live classroom。

(5) The platform has the function of automatic conversion of video, document format and code stream to adapt to different access terminals (Android, iOS);All document resources are automatically transcoded into flash format for playback, and video resources are automatically transcoded into mp4, flv and other formats。

(6) It has a powerful communication and collaboration function, providing synchronous and asynchronous communication and discussion tools, so that students, students and teachers can easily share information, exchange, discuss and negotiate, so as to improve the effect and quality of online learning。

(7) Support role management: students, teachers, administrators, super administrators and other roles can be established, administrators at all levels can also create roles and specify permissions for roles according to their own needs。

(8) Support for rights management: each navigation function point can be allocated access, management and other different rights, administrators can batch assign to users, recover the rights, with the overall transfer of rights function。

(9) Support organization and user management: administrators can batch add, delete, modify the organization tree, can single, batch add, delete, modify, find user information。

(10) Provide browser-based online editors for mathematical and chemical formulas。Provide accurate learning progress monitoring information, so that students can continue learning from the end of the last learning point when they log on to the platform again。Can record, query user login and operation information。

(11) The system provides an APP mobile client, which must support iOS and Android systems。It can connect with the online teaching platform, carry out online course learning, homework, examination, discussion, notes, group, grade analysis, student management, and support class check-in, rush answer, questionnaire, discussion, selection, materials, live broadcast and other functions。

Iii. Project after-sales service and acceptance standards

1. Warranty period: 3 years。If any problem occurs during the warranty period, the supplier shall send relevant technical personnel to rectify the problem in time。

2. Acceptance: Upon completion of the project, the purchaser and the supplier shall jointly organize acceptance inspection within 30 working days. If the quality or specifications cannot be met, Party A shall have the right to ask Party B to make modifications until the acceptance standards are met。

备注:1, This laboratory tenderFor a turnkey project,Welcome qualified manufacturers for further consultation。

2、The tenderer shall have the certificate issued13% VAT special invoiceQualification, price to include13% VAT。

Iii. Information to be submitted for registration:

The bidder shall be qualified to bid only after the qualification examination materials provided by the pre-qualification examination group of the bid inviter are approvedQualification examinationPlease provide the contents in the following order, it is strictly prohibited to miss items (if one item is not written, please write no), each page needs to be stamped with official seal, pleaseSend in electronic form toyyk_110@126.comAnd cc me nkns@cnbizsg.comEmail subject Please click [Item Number +Project name + Bid厂家Name] formatRemarks in mailContact person and phone number

(1) A copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person (one copy);

(2) The letter of authorization of the legal representative and the copy of the ID card of the authorized representative;

(3) similar contractual performance;

(4) Other relevant qualification documents。

Iv. Bidding registration Time:

Registration deadline: Before 12:00, October 31, 2023 。

V. Contact information: Contact: Yang Yuankun

Contact number: 0538-6303882 19153802030

Address: No.8 West Xueyuan Road, Shankou Town, Daiyue District, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province

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